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Visitor FAQ: FAQ

Will my visit be enjoyable in this heat?

Absolutely! The animals usually hang out on the covered patio which is fully enclosed by shade tarps. Two evaporative coolers are always running as well as fans and misters. It is actually quite comfortable. Not to mention part of the visit is indoors. 

Should I bring anything for the animals?

Only if you want the chickens 🐓 to give you the time of day or you want Twister, the mini cow 🐮, to be your best friend. Feel free to bring sliced watermelon 🍉  (the pigs will eat the rinds), grapes 🍇 cut in half, blueberries 🫐, apples slices 🍎, cantaloupe, mealworms (they sell them at Walmart and Home Depot/Lowe’s), and bananas 🍌. Also, If you have any food about to spoil the pigs will gladly take it off your hands. 🐷

Can I take pictures?

Yes! If you post anything on social media I’d love for you to tag me.

Where are you located?

I am in Scottsdale near 64th St and Shea. Exact address is given when you book a visit. 

Still have questions?

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