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Hen Stefani's mom

I want to show the world just how amazing chickens are…

Hi. I’m Ashley and I love chickens. I mean, really, really, really, love chickens. I’m seriously obsessed! 

Chickens have changed my life in so many positive ways. They opened up my eyes to the needless suffering of billions of innocent animals. I have chickens to thank for becoming vegan. Best decision I ever made.

My phone has over 22,000 photos and videos. 20,000 of them are pictures of chickens. I could look at pictures of chickens all day. Especially the ones I follow on Instagram.
I could also talk about chickens all day, every day, for the rest of my life. And it would never get old.

So, like I said, I love chickens! They have changed my life and now I want to try and change theirs! It’s the least I could do. 

❤️ Ashley Erdos aka Hen Stefani’s mom

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