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With your support, Hen Stefani can continue to give chickens a voice! 📣🐓

Why do chickens need a voice? 

Why? Because 9 billion chickens are killed in the US every year. 

Why? Because chickens are the most abused animals on the planet. 🥚🍗

Why? Because the world needs to know that chickens have feelings and emotions. They experience pleasure and pain. No different than your dog, your cat, you, and me.

Together we will make a difference! We will save the world, one chicken at a time!  🌎🐓❤️


Hen Stefani

Hen Stefani (Ani) recently had a life saving surgery after her oviduct malfunctioned. In order to prevent this from happening again, she’ll need ongoing hormone implants.

Ani is my best friend and your help means more to me than I can possibly express. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙏🏼💖


UPDATE 8/24/20: Feather’s vet said at this point she would not benefit much from surgery. She has gone without range of motion in her leg for too long. Hearing that was disappointing. I always imagined that one day Feather would walk again. Besides that, she is very healthy and doing great. 


After watching Feather hop around for over a year I realize she deserves a chance to walk again. She’s a good Feather! 

With your help, Feather can get the surgery she deserves. Help us help Feather walk again! 🐓💨    🏃🏼‍♀️


Marshmallow aka Pro Mom is a non-bearded 3 year old silkie. Silkies are known for being great moms by nature, but Marshmallow is seriously the best mom ever. That’s how she got her nickname.

Sadly, Pro Mom has been laying internally for quite some time. I’m hopeful my vet can fix her with surgery and ongoing hormone implants. If not, we’ll do whatever is best to keep her from suffering. Eggs hurt! 🥚😿



”I used to live outside in a tiny cage with five other chickens. I couldn’t run, jump, flap my wings, or dust bathe. Fluffy Top Sanctuary rescued me and now I have the best life ever.”


“I was left at a feed store just because I crowed. Then a nice lady rescued me and brought me to Fluffy Top Sanctuary. Now I get to crow my heart out, sleep in the house, and go on coffee runs. Click here to see my 15 minutes of fame!”


"The way the world treats chickens has got me fed up, but at Fluffy Top Sanctuary I can keep my head up."


"I was so lonely. Didn’t they know I was a herd animal? I also hadn’t been sheared in years. That all changed when I got to Fluffy Top Sanctuary. Now I have friends! And even a girlfriend named Tina!”


“I was going to be culled because I had feathers on my tootsies. I’m not sure what culled means, but at Fluffy Top Sanctuary I’ll never have to find out.”


“I was dumped at a cemetery right before Christmas. I was so scared! What did I do wrong? Luckily a nice lady called Fluffy Top Sanctuary. They came and picked me up, took me to my new home, and gave me food. This must be what love feels like.”





“This therapy chicken is one sassy chick, pink hair and all. Would you expect anything less from a chicken named after Gwen Stefani?”


“If you ask anyone who shares their home with a chicken, they’ll tell you that chickens are sweet, smart, and individualistic. Check out some of our favorite Instagram accounts that prove that chickens are friends, not food.”







Accounts reached Dec to Feb


Views on a popular video


"All domesticated chickens have been bred to lay far more eggs than their bodies can handle. They basically need to be fed rocket fuel just to keep up."

Dr. Hillary Frank

Avian Specialist


Friends Forever



With your support…


You’ll continue to receive amazing content that you‘ve grown to know and love! 


You’ll soon be able to schedule a visit at Fluffy Top Sanctuary. We can open our doors to the public once we have the money to complete some repairs and upgrades. 

​Ani and Pro Mom will get their much needed hormone implants. Feather will be given a chance to walk again and feel the dirt under both her feet. 


You’ll be the reason why we are able to take in more rescues and give them the life they deserve… a fabulous life on Fluffy Top cloud nine!

You can feel good knowing that 100% of your donation goes towards the animals.


“If you aren't following @hen_stefani on Instagram, what are you even doing with your life?!”

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